Join me and like minded hsp live online

Clarity Map Workshop

Saturday, 24 August 2024
04:00 PM CEST


In 4 hours you will create your personal ‘how to prevent overwhelm’  insight and action guide
Get clear with done for you tools on:
Your triggers of overwhelm
Your symptoms of mild and severe overwhelm
Your personal ways to prevent and recover

So you can experience more energy & strength, less stress and more joy & fulfilment.

Connect with like minded hsp. Feel inspired, understood and supported.
This workshop is not for you if you want to complain or stay in a victim mentality

You will receive the workshop pdf sheets 7 days before the start of the workshop. 
Your Teacher

Sabijn Arts, psychologist, trainer and hsp & intuition expert 

Sabijn guides HSP since 2000 in her private practise, in workshops, retreats and in her online training.

She teaches on high sensitivity and neurodiversity InCompany and at RINO, the post master education institute for psychologists in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  .

She is highly sensitive and an empath herself. She created the successful From Head to Heart® Method for HSP, an extensive in depth transformative program for taking care of and thriving with your sensitivity, also available online.

She is passionate in helping HSP thrive!

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Clarity Map Workshop


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