Connecting with your intuitive guidance for 2023 in personal life and business

Thursday, 15 December 2022
07:30 PM CET


Live Class Session has ended now.

Together with like minded souls, you'll  have sacred time and space in this live online workshop to:

1. Connect with your Intuition. Be nourished.

2. Tune into what wants to be born in 2023. Your wisdom knows. We'll delve into several life areas.

3. This clarity will help you set your intention, focus  and make decisions for soul aligned action in 2023

4. This energetic alignment creates a clear signal, so the Field can bring the right opportunities to you.

A replay will be available when you can't attend live.

This class is for you if you know the basics of working with your intuition. If you are new to intuition, you are very welcome to join a workshop in 2023 that focuses on the basics for connecting with your intuition. Dates will be on the website mid December.