Here you'll find more information about the 3 steps of the From Head to Heart Online Course for HSP
Feel free to connect with Sabijn if you wonder what aligns best for you

Stop putting yourself in a box that doesn't fit your hsp being

  •   Step 1 is right for you when you are new to high sensitivity and when your main current struggle is overwhelm.
  • In step 1 you can expect these shifts when you commit to doing the work  Understand your hsp *Grip on your HSP* Prevent overwhelm and fatigue * Soften your inner critic * Get clear on your core values * Make hsp lifestyle decisions and be true to yourself
  • 1. Understand how high sensitivity works and learn to lovingly accept that you are wired differently.  
  • 2. Your HSP Clarity Map: Get very clear with done for you tools on:  your triggers and symptoms of overwhelm, and your personal ways to prevent and recover.  This part alone is worth way more than your financial investment. You can also choose the Full Online Course with the Live online HSP Clarity Map workshop with Sabijn  
  • 3. Get clear on your core values and HSP Joy. Feel empowered and clear to make decisions that are right for your hsp being. HSP lifestyle design it is.

Enjoy your great hsp strength Intuition and trust your feelings

  • Step 2 is right for you when you know the basics of your sensitivity & hsp selfcare and you struggle with trusting your feelings, acting on your inner guidance and putting yourself first more.
  • In step 2 you can expect these shifts when you commit to doing the work     Reduce overthinking and doubting*   Reconnect with your feelings and HSP Intuition Power * Dare to choose you more *Soften patterns of guilt. adjusting and not feeling good enough
  • 1. Learn to reconnect with and trust your feelings, heart and intuition.    
  • 2. Heal old wounds and patterns. Love and support your inner child. You are beautiful and enough.  
  • 3. Build courage and get more confident. Your inner GPS is active. and waiting for you to create the life your heart desires. Let's go.            

Time to shine and get out there

  • Step 3 is right for you when you are struggling with your boundaries and taking on emotions from others. Sabijn does recommend you do step 1 and 2 before doing step 3, because these steps help you with a strong foundation for boundaries.
  • In step 3 you can expect these shifts when you commit to doing the work        Stop your lack of boundaries *  Prevent taking on emotions of others and dimming your light*  Learn how to be assertive and step into your full potential in an aligned joyful HSP way                * Use your Spiritual Connection              
  •  1. Dare to assert yourself. Have clear boundaries and learn what to say and how to communicate with ease.  
  • 2. Create clear energetic boundaries and stop taking on the emotions of others; necessary daily hygiene for hsp.  
  • 3. Your HSP Spiritual Intelligence Strength: Align with your spiritual support system and  express your beautiful potential in life and business.  welcome module

Enjoy the live online Clarity Map Workshop

  • The Full Journey is right for you when you recognise yourself in all three steps and when you'd love to enjoy the live online workshop. Connect with Sabijn and like minded hsp.  
  • Grap your ticket to connect with Sabijn live online in the HSP Clarity Map Workshop, plus get immediate access to  the complete From Head to Heart Online Course (step 1, 2 & 3) for just €249,-, payment plan possible!  
  • upcoming workshop dates: 15t of April 13-17pm CET, 28th of June 18-22pm CEST  
  • You'll leave the workshop with crystal clear clarity on your top 4: HSP qualities and vulnerabilities * Symptoms of mild and severe overwhelm * Triggers of overwhelm * Ways to recover *Actionplan                 This will create peace, empowerment and the start of your hsp life design roadmap