The Power of the water element, especially for hsp & empaths. And my experience with the Soça River.

Nov 11, 2022 |

Last week I was in the Soça Valley in Slovenia. An amazingly beautiful area with the wild and pure clear blue Soça River surrounded by mountains. For those of you who don't know me yet: I looooove mountains and need to be in the mountains regularly to nourish my being on a deep level. Put me where mountains are and Sabijn is instantly happy :-) :-)

But this time it was the Soça River that nourished my being. She was just so very pristine, beautiful, abundant and clear. I dipped in the ice cold waters every day.

Hiked along the river on the Alpe Adria Trail and I just sat with her for hours. The sounds, the colours, the movement, the clarity, the elegant strength.

What I didn't realise while I was there, is that apart from the beautiful experience, she had given me another gift.

In the days after I returned home I realised that she had energetically cleansed me on such a deep level that a pattern of lack in my mental-emotional conditioning was gone. It just was and is out of my system without me 'doing' anything. She cleared me on all levels of being.

To be honest I was a bit surprised by this powerful shift. Just by being in the presence of the Power of This Wild Being.

So be aware that there is help from Nature all around you. We do not always need to 'work' to heal, transform or explore new directions.

We can receive the powerful energy of the Elements, especially as hsp and empaths, because we are so open to the subtle energy frequency of our environments.

So what can you do to receive some love and clearing from Nature and let yourself be carried? What is the element that is calling to you now?

Wishing you a wonderful time!

all my love XO,