I am so grateful and excited you are here. My soulmission is to support you in thriving as a highly sensitive person and/or empath in life and business, by being true to the beautiful you.  

My name is Sabijn Arts, I am a Psychologist, Healer and High Sensitivity & Intuition Expert, guiding HSP since 2000.
Highly sensitive and Empath myself :-). Creator of the successfull From Head to Heart Method for HSP.

I will share grounded knowledge and practical, creative & intuitive tools so you experience the skills to lovingly take care of your sensitivity, trust & be true to yourself and express your potential in all areas of life.

We are an inclusive community, welcome and safe to all. 

Here's how you can work with me:

Private Coaching

1 on 1 sessions are 100% tailored to you. Delving into exactly what it is you need at this stage of your journey. Open up to new possibilities and radiating self love!

My clients are entrepreneurs, executives or personal growth loving hsp/ empaths at a crossroads in their lives.

Looking for clarity, healing and confidence to make decisions, change and find a new way forward in life and /or business.

Online Courses

The online From Head to Heart journey contains the necessary 3 steps, in 9 modules, to overcome your hsp struggles, be true to yourself and express your potential.

Join me and liked minded hsp around the Globe . Step into your HSP Power.
You can do the complete From Head to Heart Journey or step 1, 2 or 3.

 Retreats in Nature

There is something very special about being in wild nature together with a great  group of like minded women.

Getting back to You: laughter, tears and the nourishment of amazing nature, healthy food and time to breathe. Reconnecting with your true self and inner guidance.

And of course there will be a single day or multiple program to support you in living your joyful, meaningful soul led life and business.

Upcoming online webinars
and workshops

Live online workshop:
Connecting with your intuitive guidance for 2023 in personal life and business. Let your wisdom guide you.
15th of December 2022, €27,-

Live online workshop: 

Your HSP Energy Body

Practices to clear and nourish your energy and set your energetic boundaries. Key in your HSP Daily Selfcare.
12th of January 2023, €27,-

Free gifts!

The 4 different hsp types e-book.
Find out about your type and it’s specific qualities and challenges.

Two short videos to support you on your HSP Journey

1. How to stop adjusting and doubting yourself.  Trust your own needs and feelings as a highly sensitive person; Key to preventing overwhelm and making decisions that are right for you

2.  How to stop taking on the emotions of others when you are hsp/empath. One of most frequent questions I get asked.