From Head to Heart® Online Program for HSP

Step 3 Alignment

Feel free to connect with Sabijn if you wonder what aligns best for you

Thrive in relationships

1. Learn to confidently communicate your boundaries, needs and longings in a way that suits your hsp being.
2. Connect with your wild self for courage.
3. Create your clarity map for your important relationships.

Reduce taking on emotions of others.

1. Learn how to clear and nourish your emotional energy body
2. Learn how to have strong energetic boundaries to reduce taking on stress and emotions
3. Learn how to nourish your energy body

Support on your path

1. Get clear on how your perceive and connect  with your Spiritual Support System
2. Connect with a guide who is important for you now
3. Learn how to do a card reading and channeled writing for guidance

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Step 3 is right for you when you are struggling with your boundaries and taking on emotions from others. And when you would love to deepen the spiritual connection with yourself and your support system.
Sabijn does recommend you do step 1 and 2 before doing step 3, because these steps help you with a strong foundation for boundaries.