From Head to Heart® Online Program for HSP

Step 2 Confidence

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Your body as the gateway to your true hsp self

1. How to compassionately allow and reconnect with your true feelings, needs, boundaries
2. Connect with your inner child, come home to yourself
3. Get clear on the yes and no signals in your body and act on them

Use your Wonderful HSP Power: Intuition!

1. How to practically connect (deeper) with your intuition
2. Get clear on your personal intuitive language
3. Finding your own answers using intuition and acting on it. Trust deeply in yourself and Life.

You are beautiful.

1. Becoming aware of your limiting and supporting hsp patterns and beliefs.
2. Healing old wounds and patterns. Love and support your inner child.
3. Practical steps in manifesting and allowing your heart's desires.

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Step 2 is right for you when you know the basics of your sensitivity & hsp selfcare and you struggle with trusting your feelings, acting on your inner guidance and putting yourself first more.