Online Journey for HSP Step 3

Express your potential in work, life and relationships.

Dear one, Welcome!  

It is possible to create a lifestyle that supports your high sensitivity & empathy and to be thriving in life, business and relationships too!  

But I guess you have been struggling with overwhelm, fatigue, boundaries and confidence, right? Leaving you frustrated, stressed and unfulfilled. And wondering what to do about it.  

I know...I have been there, as have been all the HSP I have been supporting on their path since 2000. It is time to stop adjusting, experience deep belief in yourself and step into your True Power, Your Way!  

It's my mission to support you in living your full potential, by being true to the beautiful you.  

My name is Sabijn Arts, I am a Psychologist, Healer and High Sensitivity & Intuition Expert, guiding HSP since 2000. Highly sensitive and Empath myself :-). Creator of the From Head to Heart Method for HSP.

 I will share tools and insights so you experience the skills to get clear and lovingly take care of your sensitivity, trust & be true to yourself and express your full potential in your life, business and relationships. Yes, you can!

We are an inclusive community welcome to all.

What will change in your life, work and relationships when you do the From Head to Heart Journey?

Understand your hsp, prevent overwhelm and fatigue, soften your inner critic, get clear on your core values and make hsp lifestyle decisions.
  1. Understand how high sensitivity works and learn to lovingly accept that you are wired differently.  
  2. Your HSP Clarity Map: Get very clear with easy to use tools on: your triggers and symptoms of overwhelm, and your personal ways to prevent and recover.   
  3. Get clear on your core values and HSP Joy. Feel empowered and clear to make decisions that are right for your hsp being. HSP lifestyle design it is.

Stop overthinking and doubting yourself, reconnect with your HSP Intuition Power and the truth of your feelings. Dare to choose you. Soften patterns of guilt, adjusting and not feeling good enough.
  1. Intuition is your HSP Power: Learn to reconnect with and trust your feelings, heart and intuition. 
  2. Heal old wounds and patterns. Love and support your inner child. You are beautiful and enough.
  3. Build courage and get more confident. Your inner GPS is active. and waiting for you to create the life your heart desires. Let's go.                                         
Stop your lack of boundaries, stop taking on emotions of others and dimming your light. Learn how to be assertive and step into your full potential in an aligned joyful HSP way. 
  1. Dare to assert yourself. Have clear boundaries and learn what to say and how to communicate them with ease. 
  2. Create clear energetic boundaries and stop taking on the emotions of others; necessary daily hygiene for hsp.
  3. Your HSP Spiritual Intelligence Strength: Align with your Soul's Intention, Spiritual Support System and SoulGifts. Express your beautiful Potential in life and business.                              

review Ophelia

Artist and Teacher

" I respect my boundaries.
Just to be more aware of my boundaries has been so important. It has changed my life. Not to feel strange, weak or inadequate because I am wired differently. I am more loving towards myself and more confident. Thank you so much Sabijn".

You can do the Full From Head to Heart Journey or choose step 1, 2, or 3.
You can combine the online journey with individual private sessions or the Annual Women Retreat in the Alps.

Need some help deciding if and what option is right for you? Book a free discovery call

From HEad to heart
Step 1



single payment

  • Step 1            
  • video, text and audio for each theme, 4 modules   
  • clarity sheets
  • creative exercises
  •  intuitive exercises & journaling
  •  powerful grounded meditative journeys
  •  selfcare date      

From Head to heart
Step 2



single payment

  • Step 2
  • video, textbook and audio for each theme, 4 modules
  • clarity sheets
  • creative exercises
  • intuitive exercises & journaling
  • powerful grounded meditative journeys
  •  selfcare date  

From Head to Heart
Step 3



single payment 

  •  Step 3
  • video, textbook and audio for each theme, 4 modules
  • clarity sheets
  • creative exercises
  • intuitive exercises & journaling
  • powerful grounded meditative journeys
  •  selfcare date 

STEP 1,2,3



single payment or payment plan

  • Step 1, 2 & 3
  • video, textbook and audio for each theme, 11 modules
  • clarity sheets
  • creative exercises
  • intuitive exercises & journaling
  • powerful grounded meditative journeys
  •  selfcare date
  • Bonus: E-book the 4 different hsp types, find out your type, plus specific tips for your type
  • Bonus: Free ticket to the HSP WORKSHOP 

Review Barbara

Communication Advisor

Barbara: Yes, I can!
Thanks to your Core Beliefs module, I am applying for a Master in Art Education. Something I have been avoiding for years; “Who do you think you are? You will never be able to do it! You are not creative enough! Studying again at 40? 

Below you'll find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
If your question is not here, please send me an
e- mail at
My team and I will be most happy to answer you.

From Head to Heart is a beautiful practical, grounded creative , heart centered journey. It is build on the strong foundation of my traditional psychological expertise, integrated with energy work and intuition. Not focusing on one aspect of your hsp, but at the totality of who you are, while tapping into your strengths. Other courses focus on one of the pillars and not on all 3 necessary components to thrive as a highly sensitive.

Furthermore it is a very extensive professional program compared to other e-courses:
Every module consists of:
* a video, textbook, and audio on the theme of that module.
* clarity sheets
* intuitive journaling exercises
* guided grounded visualisations and energy-sheets
* get creative focus & visionboard
* selfcare date

Yes. There is zero financial risk in buying the program. If within the first 15 days, you feel that this program was not meant for you, then I’m happy to offer a full refund. All you have to do is show that you’ve completed your exercises and activities of Module 1, so I know that you were committed to your personal growth through the program and gave it your all.

The program is broken up into 11 modules, delivered to you at once.  All of the content is housed in a private Members’ portal, accessible by a unique login you’ll receive when you sign up.  The material has lifetime access, which means ‘for the life of the program.’ (You will be given plenty of notice before anything is ever taken down and you can download whatever you need onto your computer).

My advice would be to take 2-4 weeks for each module, depending on your time, personal intention and unique situation.

I have participants who 'only' do the video and claritysheets, with great results, that takes about 2-3 hours per module.
There are also participants who do every exercise and who love the creative focus (which takes some time), that will take about 10 hours per module.
Sometimes participants focus on a few modules and a year later do some more or revisit.

The content is designed to be enjoyable, valuable and nourishing, not depleting, restrictive or heavy in any way.  So find your own flow. You have lifetime access.

This FHTH online journey you can do by yourself and there also is the opportunity to get personal support in 1-on-1 private sessions (quite some participants do a combination of the online journey and private coaching with great results) or in one of the HSP women retreats in nature (wonderful for connection).

You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone to login to the private Member’s portal. Once inside the Member’s area you can view the videos, listen to audios and read the PDFs. You can download all of the exercises to your computer, print them out and complete at your own pace.

The biggest percentage of partipants identify as woman, but we are a safe inclusive community. Whether you are queer, nonbinary, straight, man, gay, transgender, you are very welcome and we are happy to support you on your HSP journey.

 There are many things I love about my hsp. I have a deep connection to nature. I love art, good food and beauty in all its forms. I'm creative, wise and super intuitive. But that’s not to say it hasn’t come without its challenges - like dealing with overstimulation, learning how to assert myself, listening to and honouring my own needs, and learning to let go of feelings of guilt and overwhelm. I know you know what I’m talking about...  I want you to know you don't have to hide away and make yourself smaller. Your sensitivity is not a problem to be ‘fixed’. You can be present and proud of who you are and expand fully into the person you came here to be.

My story is probably a lot like yours. As a young child, I felt the energies and emotions of people and my surroundings very clearly. An angry teacher, or upset friend or parent could affect me deeply. I learnt very quickly to adjust to the expectations and needs of others and to keep my sensitive inner world to myself.  Moving away from my true self.  It has been a true journey of self-discovery learning to embrace and accept my feelings and to act on them.

I discovered how to step into my own authority and trust deeply the guidance within instead of looking outside of myself for answers and confirmation.  The path to embracing my hsp has not always been an easy one, but I dared to make authentic choices, connect to my heart and intuition and had the courage to make the necessary changes. Along the way I have experienced panic attacks, burnout and being in unfulfilling long term relationships.  It has been a process of growing into myself, listening to my inner wisdom and learning to trust it. All of which has allowed me to follow my soul calling. My personality is passionate, positive and enthusiastic - I’m a big yes to life. I love dancing, singing, creating art and I have a deep soul call to be of service.

Guiding hsp in connecting with their own heart and soul is work I love. My favourite quote is one from Mr Shakespeare himself ‘To thine own self be true’. I could not possibly hope to help others if this was not also the way I live my own life. With truth, deep integrity and purpose.

When you are intrinsically motivated and not looking for connection and live support: Then doing the journey in your own sacred space works best.

When you know you need some external input to keep yourself going, are looking for connection with like minded travellers and like the possibility of working with me live: Then you will like combining it with private sessions or the Annual Women Retreat.

When you are not sure yet if the program is a fit for you, but you are curious and longing for a shift in your life: you can also try, there is a 15 day 100% Money Back Guarantee :-). You can also book a free discovery call to get some help with choosing your right fit.

Sylvie: So much experience and knowledge Sabijn has an enormous amount of knowledge, empathy and experience on hsp with both traditional psychology and energy & intuition work. Lot's of recognition, tools and insights. You are something special. I learned a lot about how my high sensitivity works, this helped me understand myself and prevent overwhelm!

Leonie: I can trust my intuition. I learned I am already connected to my intuition and can truly allow myself to trust it more. Signs and signals happening throughout the From Head to Heart journey. Sabijn is an enthusiastic, warm and wise guide.

Leonoor: Great insights from the start. The first module immediately gave me great insight into my own HSP and I had many more aha moments, laughs, clarity and comfort. The practical tools that Sabijn provides have helped me with simple yet profound changes, like changing our morning routine (no more jumping kids on the bed), adjusting my working hours and making more time for deeper, inspiring conversations.

Giulietta: Love the design and creativity! I love the design and beautifully structured sheets. It invites you to be creative, and do it your way. LOVE IT! I have a much deeper awareness of my boundaries and how my high sensitivity works, this helps me understand myself and prevent overwhelm!

Maaike: I matter! Not everyone has to support my choices - as long as I make my decisions based on sincere feelings, I can assume that these are the right ones. Regardless of what someone else may think. I try manifesting this in everyday things, but also with bigger issues. This really strengthens me! Your knowledge and empathy is so spot on.  

I strongly believe that we are the visionaires, creatives, healers, communicators, lightworkers & spiritual examples of today.    

It is time to step into the full embodiment of who we are and what we are here to share, in small and big ways. HSP Soul Power it is, yes!  

Let's connect in a strong community of HSP's, expressing our souls in life and work, while honouring our high sensitivity!  

With love,
 XO Sabijn